Nicola Smith

London 2012

Well here goes I thought to myself as I looked at my watch again before ringing the doorbell. I knew it would be wrong to be late to my appointment, but here I was fifteen minutes early. I stepped back from the door and heard the sound of high heels coming down the stairs.

Domina V opened the door to me; she looked stunning in a black blouse and knee length black pencil skirt. She did mention that I was early, but I did not get from her tone whether it was good that I was early or a bad thing. I followed Domina upstairs lugging my big bag behind me (why do I always pack so much). I left my bag in the hallway and we went into the kitchen to have a cup of coffee and talk about the day ahead.

Domina asked me some questions about myself and then explained what she expected from me. After finishing my coffee I was given a guided tour and shown the rooms as maid that I would be expected to clean. The first was the Boudoir itself which contained clothes and make up etc, I was told that I would have to rearrange the make up and then tidy the clothes and shoes, and finally tidy a pile of clothes which yesterday’s dressing appointment had left. The next room had to be unlocked by Domina before we went in, and I could only describe it as a torture room, with all sorts of implements hanging from the walls. Finally it was on to the bathroom which after the torture room was much more like I was used to.

After seeing what my duties entailed I was then taken back to the Boudoir to do my make up and get into my uniform. I told Domina that I needed about 1 and half hours to get ready. Before I started Domina made me another coffee and put on some music. I’m usually ok with my make up, but today maybe because I was under pressure everything that could go wrong went wrong, and it was a constant battle trying to patch things up. Eventually I was done with my face, but time was moving on and I still had my hair to do and get dressed, luckily the straightners were hot by now and I was quickly able to do my hair. That only left me about 5 minutes to get dressed, I frantically delved into my back to get my uniform out and put it on as quickly as possible. My 1.5 hours were up and I had one last look in the mirror checked my make up and made sure my stocking seams were straight and went to present myself to Domina.

I stood outside the kitchen door and knocked and waited for her to call me before entering. I stood there whilst Domina walked around me inspecting my make up and uniform, she then picked up a note pad and made some notes which I was unable to read. Domina did tell me that my shoes were inappropriate for a maid and for working and I had to follow her to the Boudoir to find a pair of flats. We could not find any in my size so I was left in my heels to start the cleaning.

So where do I start, tidy the clothes or sort the make up? I decided on the make up and took everything off the units, put it on the floor and dusted the units before putting everything back in a different position. Whilst I was on my knees cleaning on heard footsteps in the hallway and the door being opened, it must have been Domina checking up on me, but nothing was said and I did not look up from my cleaning. After putting the entire make up items back in there no places, it was time to sort out the clothes and shoes. I got all the shoes and sorted them into size order and gave them a dust before putting them back. It was then time to pick up the discarded clothes and put them onto hangers before putting them back on the clothes rail. I didn’t make any adjustments to the rail. Finally I was finished and walked off to knock on the door of the kitchen again, so that Domina could inspect my work. A few comments were passed as I explained what I had done in the room and then I was left alone to do the torture room.

As mentioned previously the torture looked a scary room to be inside, but I suppose as long as I cleaned correctly I would be ok. There was a leather bench in the room and I had to clean this, as it was leather I had to use a special solution and put on rubber gloves, which I continuously managed to rip. Cleaning the bench was fairly straight forward, as it was rubbing the cleaning solution off and on, but I had to try and clean a glass cabinet. It was bad enough that I had to take out and look at the various torture implements, but the unit rattled every time I shined and also as it was glass it was impossible to tell where all the smears were on both the inside and outside, and I was constantly polishing to try and get the glass clean. Once again Domina came in and stood silently in the door way watching my progress. It was very warm inside the Torture room and I kept feeling drips of water every time I raised my arms to get to those awkward corners. I then looked at my hands inside the rubber gloves and realised that I was getting so warm that my hands were sweating inside the gloves and puddles of water were forming. I did not have time to do anything about it now as I had the canes and paddles to dust before reporting to Domina that I had finished. She again came in to inspect everything I had done, but pointed out that I had not cleaned the top of the cursed glass cabinet. So I had to put the gloves back and clean the cabinet top before I was allowed to move onto the bathroom.

Although the Bathroom was the smallest room, it contained tiles which needed cleaning and the afore mentioned previous client had shaved in the bath and there were more than a few residue hairs left behind. It was quite a stretch to reach up to the top of the tiles in the bathroom and with a short dress on, anyone coming in would have gotten more than an eyeful of white frilly knickers and stocking tops. I eventually decided that I could not reach the corners in my heels, so I had to take them off (Domina was right after all) and stand on the edge of the bath. The Bathroom seemed to take for ages as the tiles went on for ever then there were two mirrors to clean, followed by the hand basin and toilet and then finally I had to wash the floor. Even then though after pouring the water away I had to re clean the bath. At last I was finished and again knocked on the kitchen door and awaited for Domina to give the bathroom an inspection.

We then went back into the Kitchen where I was allowed to sit down, and Domina then got her note bad out, it was worse than being back at school, and she looked very stern. However I think I came out of it quite well with good marks for time spent on the cleaning and for politeness. I was marked down for my make up and high heel shoes. I must admit I enjoyed being a maid for the day, but will stick to the Glamour side in the future, being a maid is too much work.