Maid Christine

London 2013

The day I was transformed into a blonde maid by Domina V

I had made an acquaintance with the divine Domina V a few years ago and had helped her with various projects for her superb websites.  Then, one still chilly pre-summer night I had a dream about her, her face flittering about my mind like a vision…  As I had always dreamed about being a maid I took it as a premonition, a portent, a sign…

I found myself on the Piccadilly line heading towards her headquarters. I bought her a bottle of deep red wine and quickly walked to her door.  Safely sequestered in her boudoir, we chatted about what we had been up to since we last met.  Needless to say, her life was much more glamorously exciting than mine.

She made me feel at ease and I knew she would soon have me transformed into a simpering, scantily-clad maid.   I hastily changed into a nice frilly maid’s outfit complete with a neat white apron and, naturally, wore a flirty pair of seamed stockings, naughty black knickers and abundantly well-rounded false breasts.  Teemed with a pair of teetering heels, I already began to feel feminine,  girly and pretty sissy-like. 

My ‘prettiness’ was far outdone by Domina V’s real womanly beauty of course.  As always she was immaculately made-up, dominantly dressed in her corset and stilettos.  With her long, lustrous dark hair and heavenly horse chestnut brown eyes she was a goddess to set any submissive man’s heart cantering if not galloping like a (dungeon)whipped filly…

She ordered me to sit down at her dressing table and set to work turning me into a pretty, frilly, fluffy blonde.  There was no turning back now; I was captive in her red-nailed hands and could hardly teeter out into the street without being arrested or completely humiliated.

She applied foundation, fluttery false eyelashes and lashings of thick black mascara.  As she is from Australia you could say that she was a wizardess of Oz who performs transformational tricks with her eyeliner wand.

So, she continued her expertly applied handiwork and soon my eyelids felt heavy and flirtatious.  Every time I blinked I felt like a 50s Hollywood starlet.  She outlined then filled in my lips to give me a pretty pink pout and I felt so sexy I could have kissed her shiny black shoes!  When she dusted the apples of my cheeks with blusher I couldn’t stop myself feeling flirtily fruity.  My imagination ran away with me.  I thought of being tortured in an orchard with the cheeks of my knicker-clad bottom left as shiny as a cox’s orange pipping by her whip-wielding hand…

 My transformation was topped off with a platinum-blonde wig and my heart heaved with excitement.  I felt fluttery, utterly submissive and couldn’t help blushing due to her carefully applied blusher.

Only now did Domina V allow me to look in the dressing room table’s mirror.  I did so and was astounded not to say astonished!  A blonde bombshell was blinking back at me.  I tossed my blonde locks slightly and could hardly believe that this pretty, pale-faced girl was me.

I pouted my expertly painted lips and a simpering girl smiled back at me.   I felt like a cross(dresser) between a drag-queen and a prostitute.  I could almost imagine those lips, my lips,  being forced to kiss a man, or – oh my god! – suck a cock!  It was a heady experience to say the least.

Domina V smiled a sly smile at her her handiwork and said in her hypnotically lovely voice: ‘So, what’s it like to be a girl?’  I was lost for words and merely smiled a shy smile in reply.

 As a finishing touch, she painted my nails a very fetching glossy pink and then said, ‘Well, now I’ve made you into a maid you will be ordered to do my chores.’   I had to obey of course and was soon set to work hoovering, dusting and cleaning her bathroom.  Tottering in my high heels I did my best but it wasn’t up to standard.  She ordered me to do a proper job or she would put me across her knee and give me a good spanking.

During my dusting of her dungeon I nervously noticed the vast array of torturous equipment on display.  If I didn’t polish her mirrors to a high, smear-free finish she would start to punish me.  She would have me strapped to her bench and perform all manner of emasculating tortures on me.  Having the whip-hand she was always in control, it went without saying. 

I managed to do my duties to her high standards and so (this time) escaped her dominatrix tricks to reduce me to a powerless, humiliated girl.  When I had finished she let me relax for a while and I made her a nice cup of herbal tea.  She gave me some advice and said that if I applied myself as well as she applied mascara I might just be able to become a good, submissive, obedient maid. 

We talked some more but unfortunately my time was up as she had a busy schedule and so I to return to being a boring man again.  I thanked her as more times than Kylie Minogue has had hit records and reluctantly took off my outfit.  Even more reluctantly I let her remove my make-up and once again indicated my immense satisfaction with her transformation.  What a fantastic, not to say fantasy-filled day.  What an experience! What a beautiful, superbly skilled woman!  I can’t wait to see her again and be completely controlled by her more than capable hands.

When she emailed me some photos she had taken the next day I was thrilled and astonished again.  Could that glamorous blonde really be me?  Yes, it could and it was.  If you too are a submissive man who longs to be transformed into the girl of your dreams by a dominatrix who can work wonders then I urge you to make it your mission to have a session with Domina V.

Maid Christine