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Monday 24th August 2020 Fluffy Blog post

Gday dear reader, Welcome to Fluffys blog.

So it’s been a couple of months since I’ve written a blog post, and that’s okay. I’ve got so much going on, nothing’s changed, I’m still a busy little bee. I’m not sick or anything, thank Goddess. So what have I been up to? Well let me tell you…

Competition winner

I’m happy to say that our first competition winner, Samantha has replied, though I won’t be seeing her till a later date as she has injured her hand. I will be doing another competition draw on the first week of September. So if you are new to My blog and you have no idea what I’m talking about then head over to My last post where you’ll see Me draw a name out of the hat. If you would like to enter the draw you’ll need to subscribe to the Fluffy Boudoir VIP list. click HERE.

Stockings and pantyhose drawer

So I have finally had the time to go over the stockings and pantyhose drawer. It was such a mess but I finally went through it and it’s looking much better.

You can check out the clips from this day at My Loyal Fans page. I currently have a special on till the end of August for My blog readers. You only pay $6.00 for 30 days. That’s a pretty good deal. You won’t find this link anywhere else. Just click Here

My next mission is to tackle the underwear draw. Where’s a reliable sissy when you need one? It’s times like these when I really miss My UK sissies, they are much more reliable, never mind, I’ll have to do it Myself. I actually enjoy it and it gets Me off the computer.

September is My birthday month

I just wanted to remind you that September is My birthday month, so feel free to purchase Me a gift voucher from My Amazon wishlist or purchase one of the items on the list.

New Filming Sissy

I’ve just been chatting on the phone to a potential filming sissy. I will be trying her out today to see if she is suitable.

Changing the layout

These past couple of weeks I have been moving things around….again. I have to say that I am really happy with the layout. There is much more space to move around in that’s for sure. Here are some photos I took today.

Well My dears, that’s all for now. Till next time, please stay safe and healthy. Look after yourself.

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2020 blog posts · Wardrobe

Fluffy Boudoir Wardrobe

I am so excited we are now allowed to see clients. I have to say that even though this whole isolation plandemic (yes I meant plandemic) period was very stressful for so many people; I know that many have not coped very well, but I am so grateful that I’ve survived financially and healthwise. To be honest this was probably one of the best things that could have happened, and I know you’re thinking, what the hell is she going on about, how could she say that…but I am a very positive person and I always see the good things in all situations and I am taking out all the negatives from this Covid situation and I am looking at all the positive things that have come out of it.

I won’t go into it in this post , but I will talk about next time okay.

Now I want to share with you My latest update. I have finally started sorting out the Fluffy wardrobe and there is a new page on the official website showing you all the lovely things that we have. There is still a lot more to add but for now go and check it out at: https://www.houseofvfetishstudio.com/fluffy-boudoir-wardrobe/

Here is a screenshot below