2022 blog post

Fluffy is On a Break

Hello Dear reader

I have decided to Close Down The Fluffy Boudoir doors, but don’t worry hopefully it wont be for long. At the moment I am concentrating  on new projects and taking one step at a time and see where my destiny takes me. Hmm I wonder where?…. I think it’s going to take me a little longer than expected to settle into Australia as well as getting use to  my new surroundings, so I’m just taking things nice and slowly. 
But, don’t be sad…
I am still conducting Sissy and Cross Dressing sessions and you can find me at The Kastle in Sydney only a short 10-15 min walk from central station.
I am not there every day (yes I do have a life) so please contact me for my availability.
I recommend you book well in advance so I can prepare myself with the necessary make-up, outfits and shoes for our session.
If you would like to stay updated please do follow my Blogs to receive all my latest news via email. 
You can contact me Here 
(If this doesn’t work just use the links below.)
Thank you, I look forward to meeting you.
Domina V

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