2022 blog post

Sissy and Cross Dressing Sydney sessions Tuesday 5th January

Well, I’m so happy and excited to be returning to a place where I hold fond memories of and wonderful experiences.That place is the one and only The Kastle in Sydney. If you don’t know of this place and have never heard of this amazing establishment then you’ve been living under a rock and you should defiantly come for a visit. I worked here many moons ago under the name of Mistress Victoria and I’m so delighted to be conducting sessions on Tuesday 5th January from 2pm till late and of course as Domina V.

The Kastle have their very own dedicated room called The Pussy Parlour which I have had the pleasure of conducting Sissy and Cross Dressing sessions turning many shy men into beautiful looking Sissy dolls and eventually into filthy little sluts. But if prancing around the house in a maids uniform and serving me tea and doing cleaning duties is more your thing then why not come and pay me a visit  where you will get the chance to be my personal maid and of course lets not forget the dungeon rooms. Go on I know you want to.

So now is your chance to contact The Kastle and speak to one of the lovely receptionist to make your booking.
(02) 9690 1150

Here are some old photos of my time there and I look forward to replacing them with new ones. So in the meantime……Enjoy.

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