2022 blog post

Slave Interviews

Today I have a full on day as I will be interviewing potential slave applicants to be my personal slave / assistant.

It’s such a beautiful day outside today and I was hoping to be out in the sunshine but the shooting pain in my lower back wont allow me and doctors orders are to stay in and rest. Thankfully it’s been raining for a few days so it’s given me time to rest.

My hotel room does have a balcony and the sunshine is beaming down, so that’s a good thing.

So the walking stick is by the door and I will be only using it in case I get some idiot who

decides to be a twat. But rest assured my hotel has the best security and concierge so I’m really not worried.

I will be doing more interviews tomorrow but this time I will make an effort to go out, I just have to take it easy which is hard for me seeing as I’m always on the go and always have something to do.

I think a massage is on the cards but first an appointment to the spine clinic is a must for the new year.

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